Letter to the common Chief Minister: Sree Kejriwal!

A month under and the main stream parties are angry and annoyed and still scared. This access to power of the common man is very unsettling Bhaisaab! Sir jee, what you are doing hain…ek mahine se in power still being common sire jee….time to be like us! We alike sir jee! In power…hain hain hain…..
Let’s make it easier for you sir jee! In power means!
: Be polite!
: Be patient!
Smile and give such long answers that no one knows what you are saying and be patient no matter what you do or your esteemed leaders do, eventually, the rape and abduction, and robbery, and scandal, sir jee people will forget….But sir you people saying everything so straightforward ? hain that is not good saar! People know everything because of you. We had set up the system sir jee no one knew everything….very bad …very bad! You are not patient sir jee, why bother responding to any one’s distress, be it a girl being burnt for dowry or a racket of drugs and sex trafficking. Unnecessary sir jee! Disturbing police also in the middle of the night….next time just wait sir and give case to Delhi police then transfer to CBI and then get it dismissed by making sure the government advocate does not show up on time..hain! sire jee, the what you disturbing economy of delhi, delhi police, and neta gan?
Sir jee in power means also
: Be development orientated!
: Be delinquent!
Sir jee development meaning sell the road to the contractor so that there can be toll…hain, the majority will pay it sir with tax; make malls sir on every corner, get mc donalds, wallmart, star bucks sir…pepal like branded….hain hain…and poor people can come and be servants sir jee…everyone happy! Aap uselessly offering permanent employment and education equity…sir then no one will be able to pay 300 Rs for burger…then no one will have millions…nonsense….sir jee development means lot of money not distribution, selling water not improving its access….take away gas, food, electricity…..give big contract to canned food industries…and setting up raj darbar is good very good. But sir not for complaints…only get garlanded…and smile and sir make posters and put them up….you act humble and annoy us sir…you are not supposed to do the work… be delinquent! Make promises sir jee….sunita will forget! You also forget….
Sir jee power also means
: be artistic
: be arrogant
Sir hum log itna artfully managing pepul convincing them India is rotten and it can not change and you come and convince them it can? We got Japan and USA to manage our images and you are wrapping this yoga cold 20 rs muffler? And talking sense and sounding like people have power? We have slowly dug the very foundation of the Indian constitution and institutions! And here you come and question our raj and the Rajpath parade? Sir jee why talk of rights and equality…any need to bring these common people to the center. We are center sir…we manage to make India shine and you come and be too normal….explaining you actions…we don’t believe in telling these Indians much sir! We are raja and you acting like runk…no dignity of richness sir! We are rich and you are acting poor…sir this is very bad! Let others talk about chai wala and waitress and whatever….we talk about ourselves like the angrez…sir we rule like Britishers…and you being very naïve and native sir jee! we want you to be king or royal prince….thoda paisa sir advertising mein lagaiye …japani ya chini bulaiye…why you want to act like a chaprasi sir ….running around, standing with common people and for common people….very bad…sir no class you have wearing poor people clothes….and always saying intelligent things sir, is putting too much pressure on us.
Why you have to think and then say it.? Hain annoying hain sir jee!
Bindaas mat boliye khaas ki kalai mat kholiye
Chai dal roti chodiye, single malt scotch se nata jodiye

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Binny ki chakkarghinny…sarraabhai ka sa ra ra AAM AADMI PARTY FIREWORKS

so the issue is not that Binny is on fire lit right after purnima:-D ! It is amazing the coincidence that Rahul baba Rajtilak discussions are followed by Kejri being accused by ministerial aspirant Binod urf Binny!
The media machinery waiting to pick up any whiff of a scandal starts in over-kick, the ever shrill, ever inane, ever under analyzed voices of” hehehen why is Aam admi not saying anything. A couple of channels like India something…were very out of favor with dismissive aap responses …they like to hear something dramatic and dumb because that they can relate to…hence they have to run to their usual suspects of panels….”this is a abhishaap” screamed one panelists…sahib their feet are aaf clay”….
The chkkarghinny in Binny bayanbbaaji..yes we are learning from local journos is apparent. He is saying things which cannot be proved or disproved. he is obviously a savvy politician who is annoyed at not being able to lead or even being asked for his political savvy stemming from years in BJP or was it Congress….anyhow, he is unable to leave as an MLA because he needs a larger number of people to quit.
The obvious example of personal ambitions rather than people …Kejriwal had warned the new entrants, please join only if people are your priority.
Why only Binny, the questions from Sarrabhai after 3 days of joining party are the other facet of this…the khaass people are not used to being treated like ghaans…so they raise the ante by getting heard in media…firecrackers like these don’t wait for Diwali to burst because by then they go phuuusss…
unfortunately Kejri and aap has to clearly know that aatta attracts ghun! so kejri here is our five paisa as always
1. a statement of aap declaring that khaas people joining aap have to be ready to be treated like aam. if they expect some khaas treatment, there is always BJP and Congress….the party for Khaas rich and Khaas power. AAP only has ghaans to offer, as the privileges are being generated for only aam janta. this is bothering khaas tremendously…as it should
2. sir jee, don’t just say one month of government, compare it to one month of governments across India and 10 years of BJP and 50 of Congress…data is strength sir jee as consumption of social media shows. research, sir jee commonality of speeches between a party Binny sounds very much like congress and bjp in segments…please highlight that. aur apni speech mein question ka jawab question se na shuru karen sirrr. context den apni soch ka sir. question phaltu ho then repeating it is not helpful….
3. women and youth sir jee are your strength! colleges mein safety pe live discussion chalyen and onre af aspirations of youth from their country…make sure all classes are present. wahin hain tana bana…le t women talk on what is not working for them in public spaces..let parents of girls talks..let them tell you why they are afraid to go out…how many times people in lal and neeli batti have chased them…ask the youth how it feels to study for four to ten years knowing you will not get a job….public spaces is not working with uncontrolled crowds. it is working with equitable access but knowing whoever wanted to come could….btw sir jee janta darbar must be monitored and must be called something else…
4. In your offensive make the whole focus be on all that has not been accomplished in 60+ years. let the explanations come from others….if too much back foot…then no offensive. be on the offensive sir jee…on all fronts…lead from the front and be seen to lead from the front.
4. finally sir jee, tickets ko internet pe display karayen and show how you can access information on each candidate. and ask other parties to follow…don’t forget you can set many many more trends in good politics and governance, aap ke karan BJP was not able to buy and Congress was not able to sell.
sir jee, a final way to ensure that AAM remains aam is to declare 10-20 new people who join your party based on credentials other than media and public faces….I want to know how many teachers have joined you? how many doctors? how many farmers? ….way more than if AAmir Khan joins you…and he probably has more claim to being a decent khaas …than many others…let them share their opinions on issues and play that with the right credentials…hit the Lok sabha campaign…running!
patakhon ko phatne den….Diwali mein abhi time hai!

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dramaless, careful, responsive, respectful, reliable: kejriwal the phenomenon India waited for

So is it me or does baba Ramdev sound out of his league with a string of words and speaking at an unnatural speed on multiple channels…the problem is that they are in shock. The yardstick of people power and connection has changed for indians. People like baba ramdev and Lalloo yadav and others who appeared like they have a connect with people are now being compared to a person who looks and talks like our neighbor but knows more and thinks well and is stating the facts without flowery language. He has no need to sugar coat to save anyone’s feeling…because he has decided to save india and poor and honest Indians. Now we have entertaining but ludicrous Lallo, loud and scary Modi, knowledgeble and dull Manmohan, sleep deprived mulayam, brash and one tone mayawati, strained sonia, and mellow yellow rahul….and then we have kejriwal…who sounds like the calm sincere neighbor you turn to when you need help, advise, whose thinking you count on because you know he reads …he thinks…he plans…and is not driven by selfish gains…most important.
The turning down of the hyper duplex was a demonstration of his responsiveness to peoples concern…even if media hyped…am just glad because it was strange that all kinds of random creepy journalists managed to get access…how do these people provide security. Cpwd ? Dda? So contrived…measuring room space?
Khair bhaiya some journalists have their own goals…one of them is to avoid thinking while maintaining steady speech.
So Arvind here is our two cents as always
1. Open the proposed cheating and fraud files on poitical and sarkari karmchari asap. Get the information on these as widely spread as ever Their defense is not your problem. This is important to maintain flow of decision making and momentum and also to stop tactics of these glove in hand corruptibles about how many bedroom sir jee…
2. Declare that you will contest elections from where you will find the right leadership element. Make it a people friendly participatory process. Set the trend for public squares and bring out the con element to talk…you have reached the inconvincables…more talk of the real kind can only do good. Exposes the farcical nautanki …rock the kejri speak. Direct and dependable.
3. Come out with a ten things i did today kind of writing and see if you can inspire these people to do the same…your mlas should say what they accomplish on a daily basis. In delhi at least lets hear the trends of working governance…not politicking.
4.finally Do yoga and drink water and meditate…long road hai…lot of road blocks…some hidden…yunho chala chal bhaiyaaaaa.

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Panic …kejriwal chief minister

Omg Zee tv is aghast. Hain the five MLAS offering support in lieu of congress intent are being ” exposed” because they don’t think Kejriwal is all that…or they want to use him… hain no you don’t say..really because we thoight unki shaadi ho rahi hai….duffers out of dufferin.
Scamming shamming bamming and damming…the hope is what? Maybe that the mla will be thrown out of party then bjp can swoop in? Or that people from aam. Will be sitting free watching z expose of last years news….
What we need now is vision statements and ofcourse modi and his communication gurus are having him blog regret. I think a statement of commitment to secularism rather that commiseration would be more effective…true or not.
some random channel is laying it out…why sir jee you care so much about perception in aam aadmi? Idiocy at its best is our commentators with News and views meshed in with hyper bole and minimal information. so they dont even know what is perception…no brainer that one…loud senility…
perception nahi hai . Saar..it is called problem and solution statements. Followed by action plans and monitoring that lets your participants know when outcome hoga when nahi hoga..
yej kaun padha raha hai journalism yar…khushwant school or vinod mehta school. Aur arun shourie school kahan hain ? Yeh schreechy preachy very berry itcchy..commentators ko hatao….news on tathya as in facts dikhao.
Save me from unending non questions and hidden party agenda …
bjp says: what will they do..hain what sir jee..no we only let advani and puri read..rest of us say..what is this?
Congress says: no lovely no lovely…nothing to say ji.
Aam admi: has so much information and too many articulate people…who dont have to get clearance from high commands…but as they say…tap se jitna pani nikele if neeche you keep a chamach not a balti…
khair aam has shown common sense is not that common at least not in the khaas. ..hain jee sir jee ..what you say

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scared pappadums: Aam aadmi in power makes bjp congress and their chela chapata come out in rattish angere

heehhe. so funny! to hear the television, am watching Arnav goswami and Kiran Bedi, the two fall outs of aam for khaas! arnav has never looked more annoyed and being out of sorts…kiran bedi looks positively depressed.
it is the “aage nikal gaye woh hum peeche reh gaye” thing. These people are still in shock hain ” Kejriwal is going to be chief minister sir jee…madam” you would have been minister? hain hain hain…
not only angoor …the whole bel is khatta janab.
These people need a leaf from Modi’s book. he did not mention Kejriwal. He knows that aam is with Kejriwal and he will not say anything that annoys aam. while he claims to be India itself….
while these chota mota failure netas and patrkars are still on rewind..bhaisaab train choot gayi….without ticket travel nahi hoga.

Kejri first of all needs to be the new brand of mango; that we can proudly claim. and as always Arvind here is our three cents in lieu of the bijli pani and choron ko jail and bacchon ko school placard you have!
1. Please do not be apologetic in any way and do tell your party men and women not to either…btw Shazia your glam intel look has all kinds of followers..did you see the congress bjp copy brand, hahahha…well we don’t mind but the point is, you are leading from the front and setting trends of right and righteousness.
People saying do this don’t do this..the chorus never ends anyways …listen to the quiet inner voice but…But..But always in public make your voice fearless….people don’t really listen to what you say…but how you say it! don’t say give us a chance…aam aadmi has given you that many chances as the number of votes you have. You took up the onus, when BJP bailed, say that…you are going to take every opportunity to make aam central to governance even if for 60 days, say that….you made referendum part of our democracy and its vocabulary, say that…we don’t get embarrassed janab, we cant afford it… because we want to make this embarrassment of a government and governance to go, say that…
2. as part of the government in the first week, open civil nyay shivirs; bring out the moneys distribution and don’t just say neeli batanning in the open. don’t just say nili batti and bada bungalow…show for record how much it costs and send that money to schools creation. show the water routes of delhi to the homes. information exchange is step one and decentralized planning step two.
3. Rape and violence and abuse of women is an appropriate agenda. use the Delhi tv to show case men and undertake a values change campaign. it is
tricky this one …ask women, what can be done to make this situation better. ….buses, street lights, vigilante courts, extreme civil fines for obnoxious behaviour…
anyhow….lots to do…but don’t forget set short short goals and only share 15% info till done! let others talk about when the govt will fall…you plan for it!
don’t forget you and your party being in the government is their problem not yours!

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The Changing Portrait of the Immoral Predator in Indian Society: Gang of four versus three!

So, the balding, official –looking, suited booted Ganguly, the debonairish, urbane, kurta and churidar clad Tejpal, and the dhoti clad, rural looking, Asaram; ranging in age from 60 to 80 are now emblematic of the predatory boss or sahabs waiting to pounce on young girls and young women. On the anniversary of Delhi Gang Rape; it is easy to reflect upon the four predators of the lower economic class, the slum dwelling gang of four to the above disparate gang of three living in mansions and penthouses. Those four were scruffy, slum-dwelling, 16 to 40 year old men.
The four rapists from 2012, were in informal employment working for sahabs and these three work for no one. These three of 2013 are at the pinnacle of their work areas; one dishing out human rights, the other exposing the powerful, and the third guiding gullible to his version of heaven through hell.
They apparently all have the capacity to harass, molest, rape, and think of women as a way for their sexual gratification through violence and force and intimidation and coercion…and it goes on.
Still more animal than man it seems to have come full circle…this Indian male psychology and behavior. And the questions from 2013 continue in some minds, we are sure…why these interns first take advantage and then pass blame? Women are very smart? Why go to his room? Out at night? …
The questions really need to be…
How do men continue across classes to have the perception that violence against a woman is acceptable and okay?
How do they remain beyond classes aware that no matter what they are likely to get away free even if they rape, assault, throw acid, abduct, stalk, and make obscene gestures and phone calls?
How come they eulogize the woman in the home but not on the street?
How do men go through so many positive experiences of a woman’s hard work, intelligence, care, smartness, and yet are able to only see a body they want to sexually exploit?
How is their school and education failing them and us?
The hideous gangs of four and three and five and ten…continue to determine whether woman is available for sexual gratification? Whether she means yes or no?
How are they not able to process words and actions of a woman? How come when she say go away, no, let go, it means nothing to them?
What are the informations that they are processing that prevents them from processing civility towards women?
Women evolved and continue to branch out of homes to every single field while men remain ready for just rape and assault? Hats off to Indira Jaisingh’s of the world! And down with women like Shoma Chaudhary….the question as always is of morality. Morality is not gender bound or class bound or age bound. We forgive children! We hold adults’ responsible. We are kinder to old people because we think of their degenerating capacity. But all of this is context bound.
Morality is a human perception of justice and fair in social and personal conduct…and credibility of ones own conduct is crucial when talking about anything moral. And yet…The convicted of corruption Lallu is proclaiming how he awaken the country after he ties his underwear…. Okay…you do that! He is making declarations in his contrived rural sensibility of his conception of what is moral…asaram the other rural public figure was saying the Delhi rape victim should have begged for mercy…probably remembering what his victims do in his ashram?
The process of human development is the same but the institutions designed to control and channel it are in breakdown. These include family, community, neighborhood, schools, …. Instead our morality is now determined by the corporates selling us ideas about the kind of lives we want and the ideologies that have no foundation except commerce and economy, and the physiology of sex is at its core. Beliefs are gone but ritual practice holds us in its grip. Relationships are breaking down but desire and need for physical only is promoted.
The social disorganization means only pre-convention morality driven by rewards and punishment…there is no room in our world for human beings to develop a sense of generalized core of moral behavior and to internalize it. There is no moral dilemma only affordability dilemma…karma is for immediate gratis not long term forget next birth and all that…
Asaram will continue dancing in temples telling women and men how he is Krishna, Ganguly will continue to talk of human rights with his next intern in Calcutta, and Tejpal will probably try to host the next intelligentsia meet on women’s psychology. This is their morality. While the remaining three will curse their bad luck for being caught by virtue of their poverty. This is their morality

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Mascot misfire- Anna: Bjp-Anna Alliance taking on AAP

So funny hain to see Anna sitting cossetted up to some strange Jagdish Tytler look alike…who could probably fall into his lap if he tried any harder to be in the camera frame….apparently a TV reporter, the chap knows camera angles that is for sure. Did BJP (likely) chase Anna and get him to without much ado sit on anshan again.. that Anna does not note that the same tokenism is being offered through the very diluted version of the Jan lokpal bill…one his old team had rejected multiple times; …while policemen and plain clothes men run around the dias …Kiran Bedi tells us it has very good points and all parties agree; the creepy journalist whispers in Anna’s ears for us to see….and yet we must believe that this is the real deal….Tch Tch…matlab even now, for politicians and their ad writers, people are gullible fools.

The strangeness of seeing an erstwhile movement and its mascot after the movement has reached a target! just check out the headlines today footage. The difference between then and now is even more when you see the cops and plain clothes men. The same were missing in action when the middle class were thronging it. Post party formation; winning a competitive number; the BJP and Congress are both scared and are likely looking for ways to discredit Arvind and AAP because clean is beyond their grasp as is working with an active polity. BJP in any other scenario demonstrating the inability to do the horse-mla trading would be unbelievable but nothing shows up dirty better than clean…so they opt out of governance worried and hoping to gain by delay …

Why is Anna being used ? well my guess is he was being used so to say even before…but the difference between being an instrument of change or mascot for good and good people versus for hidden-agenda and hideous intentions. The only way for a Duryodhana to look good is to reach out to a Karna; and hope that the reflected glory will make it shine as much as Arjun. BJP was supporting AAP before it became AAP hoping to vanquish Congress and after hoping to have yet another ally for NDA. Congress was earlier treating AAP as a party that was doing what its manifesto had said for 70 years, by being angry and dismissive. So Duryodhana like they find the Karna, part of genesis of AAP but not AAP, like Karna was part of Kunti; her first born but not a Pandav; Well! this is a statement on their absolute out of touch with people or politics. Money, power, and negotiation of benefits and not beneficence drives their politics…so they are angry like Duryodhan that their power does not get them the same acclaim and even the hint of glory is something to be desired hence…Our little eye thinks the game that is going on is that Arvind Kejriwal has proven his mettle, raised the standard of Indian polity, and shown that the self centered middle and bottom of our society can come out of its lethargic tolerance and protest for rights and justice; and make a difference under good leadership.

Well here is what we have to say just for Arvind Kejriwal! we suggest you add to your speeches…

1. East is east…sun rises in the east. the light of democracy of poor and illiterates; that has learned to live with lack of opportunity and fairness has arisen to your wake up call…just yours and your organization and ability to inspire …you don’t have a comparable Arvind..not Anna, not Rahul; not Modi! so don’t let any gimmicks tell you that…
2. the ethos of India should be to be aware of the needs of infrastructure, basic necessities of water and food; power and roads, jobs and justice and only you offer that through AAP. The development of BJP does not mean that…driven by some lame little neoliberal stupidity that thinks benefits trickle as in a wine glass…to compare life of poor people with wine is in itself idiotic..methinks:-D …while who knows what congress does,,,it says what it has always said,, poverty hatao…but since they did not say poverty hatao from people..we can’t blame them for the richest people being in congress…top down …maybe neo-liberal is true then :-P
3. If you are willing, we suggest you accept the offer to form a government and take the offer of supports, as unconditional. and as the first step offer the janlok pal bill and other things that will showcase you national agendas and be a stepping stone for national elections…and within a couple of months these parties will withdraw their support…and you can show the nature of these politicians as conclusively as you have done so far.
so buckle up for the long road ahead…let BJP-Anna alignment continue…wish him luck! Every mascot must have his day!

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