Superbug hits medical tourism industry?

SO a new virus has hit us and them. According to a Times Of India  report, Chennai docs have found a “drug-resistant superbug that infects patients and causes multiple organ failure” and the Indian doctors see it as “the germ of a move to damage the country’s booming medical tourism industry. The ‘superbug’ resistant to almost all known antibiotics has been found in UK  patients treated in Indian hospitals.” …and it is not just cosmetic surgeries that are the goal of medical tourism but dental surgery and some serious stuff like open heart surgeries …cardio, orthopaedic and bariatric surgery; IVF treatment; and organ and tissue transplantation.

Global health doctrine, patient mobility, long waits for advanced technology to make it to their HMO… all these concepts lead to the road where a guy who lives in Kentucky, USA gets his hip surgery done at AIMS Delhi.  it is not just an issue of rich man getting access to poor man’s services…it is also that a rich country has poor people who find it difficult to afford quality health care in their own country…unless you buy the theory that they would like to see the Taj Mahal within a day of recovery from their open heart and hell yeah Flight to India is 1500$

maybe the debate should be about medical tourism…and while we get into a knot, trying to debate the merits of health care insurance… and the merits of our under staffed over burdened Primary Health Care Service..we could think about implementing more stringently the”no private practice rule for government employees” and maybe even prevent the theft and black market that has direct access to the free medicine allocated to the PHC…if only the Zealous docs could stop building their own hospitals and private practices long enough to meet the long queue of TB, and Malaria, and HIV Positive diagnoses… waiting along side the poor and the rural …outside the PHC.

or it will be only a matter of time that the surgery beds and hospitals will be categorized “export only”, just like the Alphonso Mango.

You can read more of the story at : Drug-resistant ‘superbug’ traced to India – India – The Times of India


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One Response to Superbug hits medical tourism industry?

  1. Anonymous woman says:

    Just read this article on this topic on Yahoo. Exploding populations are perfect breeding and mutating labs for deadly viruses and bacteria. It’s not country specific, it’s population density and living conditions!

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