Can Iranian law allow stoning a woman to death?

So Sakineh, a woman imprisoned for allegedly having relations with a man not her husband is to be stoned to death legally in Iran! Which means the entire state and its forces will use their power to stone this mother of two children, ….this inhuman expression of the collective will is sanctioned in the Laws of Iran…. only if the family demands it …this is missing in the Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani case, a woman who has been imprisoned the last5 years, whip lashed 99 times in front of her child…

The collective strength of the brute prevails over the frailty of the innocent! Women in Iran have been fighting over decades to use the teachings of the holy Kuran to show the world the true meanings of its words….and making a brave effort to prevent the perpetration of such crimes against women by men who have “hunches” and are in power.

the same law allows for divorce! pray use it!



About Chun Mun

Chun Mun are bloggers for E-Women! All the women from the Indian Subcontinent, who have anything to say are a part of the Ewomen Indian world and have this space to share their thoughts. We might not endorse or support any of their thoughts but we endorse and support their right to speak and share their opinions. Ewomen is a document on women's journey as women Reclaim their own identity and Create and Contribute to the lives of others.
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