“Sir ji ! Chineje or Macsikan or roti and kabab? ”

So apparently food grains are rotting away in several government run godown storage facilities in India and the Supreme Court ruling to get it out and distributed to the poor and low-income communities is being passed of as a suggestion by the hon’ble Agriculture minister Mr. Pawar. While people in the health ministry ate ‘isnakes‘ worth 94 lakhs from 2008-2010… to uphold the market economy is a good guess…

Meanwhile, this complex issue of do we feed the poor and starving millions or save the grains for rats…is being debated at the National Advisory Council..seriously, the debate on whether we need a universal benefits plan to give all and sundry 35kgs of grain or give the most deprived can wait, the starving poor can not! bio-psycho-social impact of Hunger, under-nutrition affects both the rural and urban poor dramatically. Limited access to land and resources plagues single women rural households, urban migrants, seasonal labor… so how many economists does it take to figure it out ..three committees down (Tendulkar committee, Saxena committee and the National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector (NCEUS)…the debate is 25 kg or 35 kgs…..below poverty line or above poverty line….arre bhai draw some ethically sound and practical indicators to determine need and let the food get out of the storage…no?…why not?

I guess you are used to the discussion in your Ministry meeting “sir ji ! Chinejese or Maxican or roti and kabab”  ?

ummm ahhh sir ji committee bitha laen menu decijon  kae liye?


About Chun Mun

Chun Mun are bloggers for E-Women! All the women from the Indian Subcontinent, who have anything to say are a part of the Ewomen Indian world and have this space to share their thoughts. We might not endorse or support any of their thoughts but we endorse and support their right to speak and share their opinions. Ewomen is a document on women's journey as women Reclaim their own identity and Create and Contribute to the lives of others.
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