Mexican Drug War has Asian Impacts?

From Drugs to Trafficking to ....So another journalist has been shot dead in the now ill-famed Mexico drug war, where random killing and shooting of residents is something  the state is not able to prevent. According to a New York Times Report, “Ciudad Juárez belongs in its own category, with thousands killed each year, the exodus of tens of thousands of residents, the spectacle of the biggest national holiday last week observed in a square virtually devoid of anybody but the police and soldiers, and the ever-present fear of random death.”

Drugs, terrorism, organized crime, and other forms of violence and harm perpetuated against innocent people is difficult to negotiate with. Does negotiation imply weakness, or inefficiency, or a state that accepts that it does not have the power to execute the will of the people.  The situation in Mexico has taken years to build, a country getting more coverage for its corrupt bureaucracy and politicians, and the festering drug trade for years….the  government under Felipe Caldron for the last four years has been fighting a battle that should have begun 15 years ago.

There is a lesson here for our part of the world, the ghettos of organized crime are growing, their influence omnipresent, and adolescents in even small towns are getting inducted into gangs. what’s even more scary is the Coyotes or the Mexican transporters of illegal migrants is pooling resources with groups like the snakeheads in China and the transportation is no longer of willing  people…it has resulted in a new wave of abductions and trafficking of children and women. In fact Mexico is fast becoming the new holding area for trafficked people. The people who are in business of drugs referred to as narcos are expanding their resource base by adding children and  women to their goods.  These goods are our women and our children, when they reach Mexico, we cannot help…

The only prevention is a planned attack on poverty and need…we can not complain about anyone’s lack of morals when we did not fulfill their need for roti and roof. Lets not build more malls and parks, till we have a home for those people living behind our buildings, let’s not let another serious crime of the rich and powerful stay unaccounted…and let’s make it worth while for the law enforcer to do his job well and honestly.

With Religion, Caste, Region, already an issue, rural and urban setting up to become one, ..all we need is one more conflict….crime must be punished under the right law and it must do so irrespective of class or we better get ready for a death of rights as blatant and as severe as in  parts of Mexico!

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