Deaf and Dumb and Blind children the new prey of Rapists!

So Apparently, in a school run by Saraswati Baghir Sewa Samiti, Rajendranagar, in lucknow, sons of the school manager (a woman) have been raping, molesting, children, both boys and girls and and making videos for mobile phones of children challenged with hearing and speech issues. This has been reported in quick succession to another story of rape and exploitation of a visually challenged girl  at the Dhrishtiheen Balika Vidyalaya at Mohaan road also in Lucknow. The manager of the school said the children were drug addicts and were trying to spread false accusations…and manager was after all so damn dutiful…. …meanwhile, The Deputy Director for disabled welfare SK Srivastava has recorded claims and is waiting to record some more…while the sons refused to show up for any statements etc….awwwww

Is this how he will ensure a ” Barrier Free Environment” under the PWD act of 1995- Persons With Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995. who cares about this under privileged group anyways, struggling with their identity and and in a infrastructure yet to accommodate basic comforts for this group… as it is “disabilities restrict functioning and are a hurdle in development of positive self image”. As these children struggle to survive within a society that is not really known to be a sensitive one… where families indulge ones own child ad nauseum but find it easy to employ and abuse children of other people. …

this school was supposed to nurture with extra failed…the disabled welfare department is supposed to  be even more diligent and not wait around for corroboration but who will make them? I guess the deaf and dumb children could..after all they found drugs ..right  ji?


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One Response to Deaf and Dumb and Blind children the new prey of Rapists!

  1. The term “deaf and dumb” is outmoded, insulting, and should be scrupulously avoided.

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