The Paris Hilton on The Karan Johar Show: Preparing for global scandal “ism”

So apparently, Paris Hilton, her brand of goods, and her daddy’s chain of Hilton hotels are getting ready to market  Brand Paris to us – The Indian Great Middle Class. the middle class of rising numbers- ranging from estimates of 30 to 300 to million ( Never mind that the increasing upper-middle income classes also lead to shrinking lower-middle income classes and increasing poor and very poor classes) the deal involves the mythical purchasing power….so many studies from local CNN to World bank and McKinsey type of high end consulting firms have said it is true…

The Indian middle class and its set of values have remained stationery and nondescript under the umbrella of  “fitting in”. Except for the huge movement under the Anna Anti- Corruption activism, we have not really had too many demonstrations of what we stand for and many a illustration of what we fall for. And into this scenario arrives Paris Hilton.

So what shall we expect. Well, first we need to see what we have, we have a Karan Johan “on Coffee with Karan” whose extent of scandals could include finding out ” who went under a knife or the question of plastic surgery…or do you really not like her/him…the questions are sensitive and moderately titillating in a very middle class way. These are not discussions of “sex and videotape ” variety…not that we don’t have them we just don’t really like to talk about it …and thankfully it does not have much social acceptance even as a joke…

So the middle aged middle class is anyways not easy to convince, they buy and save gold, and try and limit debt, maybe due to our pre-colonial history of debts and money lenders evil…while many a McKinsey will convince us about the evil of safety nets, whether those provided by governments, or those we build for ourselves…we have been spared the horror of mass scale “kicking out” of homes that happened also due to the pervasive “debt culture” of Western worlds.   but the youth across classes are susceptible to changing norms and changing values as perceived and apparent to them – even while shaking away their blues with Katrina ki jawani…and downing alcohol by the jhatkas…how will the Paris Hilton type of morality survive in the Indian ethos…”a boy friend a day keeps husband away” caught on video tape, Snicker Snicker ! or the worst I am rich and I am in your face kind of dog toting  …silly without a purpose…kind of role model…so their scandals put ours to shame, we talk about broken marriages…as they are still rare, about some hidden and not so hidden affaire..and all of it with the absence of legitimacy or approval..not what Paris is used to…

we don’t have too much of that, even our worst tv soaps depict purpose driven rich and either confused or exploited or conniving poor . The just rich and just famous and just “I don’t care  about anyone but myself” thing might be worse than any saas bahu type machinations and manipulation….anyways apparently KJo  has said no to Paris, and the proverbially hip Kangana Ranaut is not good enough for purse and lipsticks and perfumes and shoes….marked Paris! Well Karan asking  questions about scandals in Paris’s ..not really a closet when you can see everything…is it? is not ok with Hilton PR and they have done their research about middle class morality…but have we done ours on Brand Paris!


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One Response to The Paris Hilton on The Karan Johar Show: Preparing for global scandal “ism”

  1. Dawn B. says:

    Apparently your research did not tell you that it is Paris’s GRANDFATHER who is associated with Hilton hotels.
    Her father, Rick Hilton, is a millionaire in his own right and he is in real-estate.

    Paris Hilton also makes her own $ millions, with her 11 successful colognes and her additional 17 marketing lines. Her brands are in 35 countries.

    She is also the global ambassador for Century Properties, getting ready to enter the real estate market herself.

    In June 2011 Variety Magazine named Paris Hilton the “billion dollar entrepreneur”.

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