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kya hua tera vada on Sony Channel: When husbands leave their wives for “other” women

so a woman married for 12 year is abandoned by her husband, thankfully, her three children and she have a supportive set of family members including her in-laws and friends. the parents kind of step away under the father’s sense … Continue reading

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Fat or thin? size Zero to XXL….Kareena sae vidya sae ….

so Akshaye likes girls to be “Hari Bhari” like current avatar of vidya, or Sonakshi’s natural curves he says…no “chusa hua aam” for him….and Kareena, who gave up aloo kae parathae to be the size zero, said right back..”please fat … Continue reading

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The argument against divorce!

So a month ago, a woman filed for divorce in a court in Aurangabad as her husband of two months failed to show his Facebook status as married and not divorced.  silly yes…but what is not silly in Today’s world, … Continue reading

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More than simple Misrepresenting Devon ke dev Mahadev.

So apparently, Shivji needs to marry Parvati for the Universe as her earlier incarnation as Devi Sati ended her life and the the union before bearing children that would have benefited the world. She is reincarnated in the form of … Continue reading

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Kicking out Gopi Bahu from Sathiya: When reality bites the women identity!

So the controversy around Gia Manek, getting thrown out unceremoniously from the hit television soap, is the latest from the stables of television channels. What is interesting about this whole thing is the GIA was probably single-handedly responsible for the  … Continue reading

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MMS and the Porn Making Business!

So the popular past time of school and apparently college and University kids is back!  MMS a media message recorded and transferred using cell phone camera and messaging capabilities.  its target always a girl, engaged in a romantic interlude or … Continue reading

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Controlling the Uterus! The Fertility Demon and Indian Women

So the latest commitment to Indian women’s uterus comes from Melinda Gates. The emphasis on population control is not new..neither is the enormous amount of rich-will behind it! just like any policy or program, the teeth of the policy or … Continue reading

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