Watch over that child! Child sex Abuse is more common that you think!

So a maid of 19 years has been accused of sexually abusing a 4 year old child in her care by the mother and father. unfortunately the caregiver holds the confidence and proximity to the child and least likely to be monitored and this makes them a risk for the child’s welfare.
Research identifies sever consequences of child sex abuse that relate to mental health trauma and behavior modifications. The warning signs for all involved in the wellbeing and responsibility for the child include, a child who suddenly seems volatile or qiet,,any behavior that is different from usual, a fear or avoidance of any adults or children, preoccupation with talk of sex. there are also warning signs of adults who might be predators or potential abusers, including use of inappropriate and sex related conversations around a child, asking children to not share their thoughts openly with others, cuddling a child or holding her close against her will even as a joke, preoccupation with porn or masturbation, these all imply a sexual dysfunction or sexual anomaly and the adult might be a risk to the child.
as prevention measures, the children should be given encouragement to always say the truth about everything and all responses should be framed to encourage honesty not fear of truth, children can also be openly asked about any inappropriate touching if there is a doubt, extreme trust of any olde adults sh or repeated isolation in a single adult company should be avoided according to Sex abuse prevention resources.
Of course, ultimately it boils down to the primary caregivers ability to monitor and be present for the child and to have a relationship of trust and support. Also, the well being of the child must be interpreted as a concern by all those in contact with the child, relatives, neighbors, teachers and the larger community.
It does take a village to raise a child!
and the State is doing its bit recently through the passing of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Bill 2011 but giving law teeth means empowering the child and those responsible for her well being to be able to take appropriate action to prevent it.

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