Kicking out Gopi Bahu from Sathiya: When reality bites the women identity!

So the controversy around Gia Manek, getting thrown out unceremoniously from the hit television soap, is the latest from the stables of television channels. What is interesting about this whole thing is the GIA was probably single-handedly responsible for the  TRP jumps in the show ratings for a very long time. The problem was the Gia wanted to be a part of more than one show, apparently in the world of television,  the identity you take over as part of your character is the only one you’re supposed to live with for years and years until the life of the show with no guarantee of how long the show itself will run … Gia who on the television soaps Sathiya portrays Gopi is shown to be a  head covering, docile, God-fearing, daughter-in-law of a Harridan mother-in-law whose heart of gold is well hidden under waddles of fat and silk Sari. and the wife to a husband who  was unable to demonstrate love or affection but seems to be quite devoted to his wife after her devotion and character come to light!

However this is only Gopi’s reel personality, in real life, Gia is a twenty something, pleasant, modern, always able to think for herself and take action, adventurous  person who represents the time and the background of current day Mumbai. However in the world of television, that is not the identity you want…. except on TV when pretending that women actually have free Will associated with what they do and how they do it. so when Gia  hangs out at a bar,   it becomes a scandal that the real life  in contrast to the docile daughter-in-law she would present television and as you know people when they see Gia hanging out, they will think oh..GOpi bahu going to the disco?????hai hain ji…who are these producers and writers…imagining that people believe you are the person on screen in their story.

The professionalism of television movies has always being debated even though currently even the corporates are putting money into making the movies…..  you  would have thought it would have affected how work is done in the television world…probably does.. but not the way we expect. it probably only implies that the casting couch now can be found in more than just the producer’s or the director’s offices. It is also interesting that the rights of the television actors and actresses remain  under one or two bodies, that  seem to have no teeth, like the CINTAA headed by Johnny Lever…an example of one such organization… and why blame them…after all how much power will actors bound by contracts themselves ….how will they hold accountability from the other end, what will they have to contest? …they are tied to the job for the life of the serial but the serial life itself is unsure!

In discussion that we have around girls and work and exploitation, we never take it to the next level of action and thinking…. as to why does the system allow leaving these loopholes into what the parameters of rights and responsibilities are both parties… how does one  prevent someone like a TV channel or a corporate from crossing over those boundaries. The question is not just whether Gia aka Gopi bahu has violated her contract, the question is more importantly what kind of contract can a young professional be tied into and how do you determine whether that contract even though legally binding is going to be harmful for the professional future of that young person.  Given that the number of  young actors and actresses are growing so fast  – because of the nature of the job, the amount of exposure it provides, the kind of money it offers, – an area of concern is how these contracts are created and administered and who is monitoring them….   or at least should be …

The indigenous talent should not again be translated into local exploitables! while  Indian television industry continues to grow at 10% growth rate thanks to advertising revenue…. the  focus must move from giving licenses to channels to making TV a stronger industry with the realization of its tricky proposition for the people working in it.

And the discussion here is not really limited to any professional individual…the discussion is about aspiring identities of really young girls, who are still in the process of forming a professional identity, and it is the responsibility of the profession to support them, their cause, in keeping with the spirit of modernity….let’s not forget our traditions…. vulnerability must be protected….and weak must be safeguarded….that is is the responsibility of a state…


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8 Responses to Kicking out Gopi Bahu from Sathiya: When reality bites the women identity!

  1. Sandy says:

    Please help us bring Giaa Manek back. She was unfairly dismissed. There was no problem in her doing both shows. It had been accepted by her production house. In fact Rashmi Sharma is producing a new show for the rival channel so why should Giaa not be allowed to participate in a show on another channel too.

    Support the campaigns. Leave your complaints at:

    Sign the petition:

    There is also a planned 1 day boycott of the show on Monday 11th June. Please for one day don’t watch the show.

    Telephone Starplus on: + | 1800 3000 7827
    They will say you have wrong number 1st time but just call them straight back.

  2. Nasreen Akhter says:

    Could you please help us to bring our original Gopi Bahu-Giaa Manek?
    So we could enjoy our beloved show, Saathiya and justice should be served.

  3. Danny says:


  4. Dee says:


  5. Mohammad Sayed says:

    The new Gopi does not do justice to the role Gia was made for the role and here South Africa people are still recovering from her dismissal the show has become to bland bring our Gia back

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