More than simple Misrepresenting Devon ke dev Mahadev.

So apparently, Shivji needs to marry Parvati for the Universe as her earlier incarnation as Devi Sati ended her life and the the union before bearing children that would have benefited the world. She is reincarnated in the form of Parvati to parents Him and Naina.

The dramatization of this Hindu Mythology which is a matter of great sanctity for the Hindu believers is being shown on LIFE OK, so far so good!  not really, the representation of this story as told on this serial has undergone undue dramatization that is un-engaging but even more importantly untrue!  Additionally, it might have sociological repercussions…we know you can not expect a story writer, or the team of dialogue writers that probably work on this type of serialization on television do most of their home work or believe in the sanctity of staying true to the story…but to ridicule the original sentiment without openly acknowledging their trespass… or to create material that can harm when trying to depict it in its current day relevance…

well no worries, there is always us. and we are happy to point out that this is one such story not quite Hindu Mythology!  For instance, …umm. well the episode from yesterday was focused on how Parvati’s father Him wants to settle the marriage of Parvati to a King but Parvati has a Meera like devotion to Shiv and the Gods are all conniving to prevent Him from from going the Daksh way….and all this is being shown with reference to a child, a girl, who looks about 6 years old.  the actual story in an assortment of ancient texts including the purans is quite different …it describes devotion of Parvati to Shiva from a age that was suitable for marriage, it does not document the objections of her parents to the marriage, only her mother’s alarm at seeing Shiv in his “yogi” or ascetically developed being for the wedding ceremony. …

In a country and subcontinent, where girls are being married and sold at ages 5 to 15 to older men, this is a twisted form of TV entertainment….a Mythology based serial is likely to find an audience amongst the more traditional people and to see what seems to be a depiction of mythology and actions of God’s, a child in love like devotion, and many elderly people from the community, supporting this….while here we are in India trying to prevent child marriage and child abuse…  the fact that this depiction is not true will be lost in this information driven society, where the new unreliable information is more easily accessible than the old one….

Meanwhile, the dramatization at the hands of people with no classical education…as seen on life ok is unfortunate but this crassness of their imagination can do harm beyond what one expects from mediocre work.  is there a way around it…probably not..unless the writing and communication can be undertaken as an exercise in honesty  …


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