kya hua tera vada on Sony Channel: When husbands leave their wives for “other” women

so a woman married for 12 year is abandoned by her husband, thankfully, her three children and she have a supportive set of family members including her in-laws and friends. the parents kind of step away under the father’s sense of shame and the elder brother-in law and sister -in law (jeth and jethani to be precise)are very urbane and not too interested in getting involved…except the sister in law  wants to see if she can make use of the new woman called Anushka, who is the reason /motivation for Pradip the man abandoning Mona the wife.

Hello, please don’t say how melodramatic, the older we get, the more we see more than the melodrama …right in our backyards..hai ki nahi? and then if your back yard is not something you have explored then at least the celebrities ?  lets see, sunny with dimple, rajesh with tina or no…paes with rhea? boney with sri? whats his name with shilpa? and whats his name with raveena? ….seem to think relationship exchange is a done thing, I guess we are more shocked when we see it in our neighborhood, thankfully, there is  still more commitment than not…but this is a special instance change of commitments…remember that Karan Johar starrer..kya naam thaa..ummm anyways..Shahrukh and Rani fall in love with other people’s spouses…the masses reaction was the same as what it is when there is a hint of an affaire of d heart  between pc and shahrukh in real life…hai ki nahi? of course yeh masses kaun hai kehna bahut mushkil hai…i would say, middle class….matlab, ? are ek detushce bank is study  ki sunae to..we range from 30 to 300 million, roughly 30% of India…hain that’s all? han ji!

the disciplined lives that want to achieve but not at the cost of values…that’s the only difference between us and the other two classes… one can not afford the luxury of values the other has the privilege of not being held accountable to any…so like any “karne wala to bolega hi…” we are annoyed ki hum yeh karen, upar wala khaye neechae wala chura le jaye…meaning, the man on top gets away with what should be ours and the one below us steals it…

in kya hua tera vada..(yes, in case you thought we forgot)…anushka, is the college girl friend who says no to Pradeep because she has ambitions and then when she returns, she sees a Pradeep who seems happy and content with his beautiful wife and family and she decides she wants what he has….it comes across as though she wants what Mona has: Pradeep; but as the story unfolds, Pradeep is an ordinary guy, but Mona with her middle class values(yep there we go again) makes him”the hero in our life” as she tells her older daughter, she is proud of him, dedicated to her roles of mom etc etc…and is content..Anushka is misinterpreting that contentment as Pradeep…and now that she has Pradeep, she is waiting for the same happiness for herself. but…as the story unfolds and due to Mona’s resilience and spirit of retribution, she is still insecure and unhappy..

Mona’s unhappiness is shown as a calm sense of despair and loss with occasional acceptance;  while Anushka’s unhappiness is an unpleasant agitated anxiety that results in planning and plotting and inquiry of Pradeep and everyone’s motivations. Pradeep simply seems an unhappy guy, while happily married to Mona, he was shown to occasionally feel neglected and  perceive himself an underachiever; now with Anushka and perceiving himself as more accomplished, he still seems a little lost, a little guilty, a little of everything…

The twist in the story is that a guy wants to marry Mona and the in-laws want her to consider but int he meanwhile her soon to be ex-hubby is losing it over the thought; Mona is concerned and unwilling to even pretend that she wants it…but the guy appears a decent and sincere one…so what will be the outcome, who knows….but in life, how easy is it for women to marry with children in our part of the world? it would seem that we are still referring to middle class of Indian sub continents the western counterparts, the number of divorced eligible people/ men is probably more so… and then they have differential  expectations…

but with the decreasing ability to predict individual norms, increased likelihood of pathological psychologies, how do you take three vulnerable children and one vulnerable you to a guy after the guy you trusted with the welfare of your children and your own  lets you down…. a terrible shock. the forums that discuss television are mostly up in arms against Mona choosing any guy or sticking up or pursuing Pradeep and discuss self-respect for Mona and women…

the stand out element is the feminism of the men in the serial…the guy who is Mona’s boss and still in love with his long dead wife; the guy who proposes marriage knowing her to be abandoned by her husband, and the father in law who supports the marriage for the right reasons….the other end of the loser men is bought up by the silly Pradeep, the self-conscious father, and the insipid brother in law..and in a parallel story, the guy who has just dumped Mona’s sister in law…and in that is where the ewomen Indian find it impressive…these are not over the top card board characters like in Star plus or the rural-urban confused men from Zee…

the interesting thing in Sony is the number of soaps/serials that show cheating husbands and the elaborate characterization of the “other woman”… now what is that? an abandoned producer


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