The Case of the Rapist IAS

It was a dark lonely night, there was a young girl sitting quietly in her compartment, and while her mother went to use the restroom, a drunkard, moral-less, demon jumped upon her…and even as she screamed and screamed….the demon, was out of control, because he thought he was the all powerful Dog! and after all the girls in his office and his home and entire fiefdom that he governed, and the minister under who he worked thought it was okay..what was wrong with this crazy girl…
and then the mother, the still conscientious railway guard came in and the dog ran…the monster replaced by a mongrel. …and he ran into the night and turned into a up side down hanging Betal….like the Indian tales of yore…
but that was then, now the demon does not hang, he runs fast and joins the pack of wolves, that issue transfer orders for the unsuspecting inspector who wrote up the case.

is this the same guy who cleared his IAS and was released from Prison, a couple of years ago…yes, by the High Court no less,,,and then the petition by the ineffective National Women’s rights Commission, challenging this ruling, was dismissed by the Supreme Court.  he had raped his student, while being her tuition he knew just how to abuse authority  ..perfect for IAS! we want brilliant men who can rape to be IAs, hoe effective will that governance be na after all… no more needing a goonda, just release 15 IAS and there you go…they will create havoc by themselves–relief-/650907/

not everyone is as unlucky as Manku Ram, who was convicted of raping his staffer and went for 7 years..and since he is already an IAS, unfortunately, we cant release him said the supreme court.  but he has hope maybe he will be caught taking bribe in the prison and then he can be nominated to become a minister?

What is it about the Indian Character that seems to be show cased at its worst in the ones up on a pedestal. Shashi Bhushan Sushil, special secretary in the department of technical education, glorifies the education system that he administers…and apparently the only reason the  young and ineffectual chief minister comes down upon him is because bhushan or his kin had an affiliation to the ex-CM…the malls are crawling with the Goondas just out of prison, the children are already on a fast pace to kidnap UP…being found in bags and cut up..

all the glory is back: .the ransom demands, the rapes, the treating of a public space as private, the lack of courtesy and erosion of kindness…the new UP…the new India…
While Sonia travels in a jet for emergency and unknown surgery, and ManMohan sits their asleep except to ensure that small business goes bust and Walmart come trapeezing in, and that women get more opportunities…not just the potential fight to sexual assaults, but also to now have to cook less…maybe they will get Tuberculosis sooner with the change in cooking fuel and then ManMohan can usher in private health care …and then we won’t feel bad about gas prices so much….
It is wonderful this strategy:  if rape is the issue, lets have a kidnapping ..or killing, if that is too nerve racking, lets just mess with the household economy, if that is not working lets attack the community sufficiency …and if that does not work, there are always, riots and terrorism ..right?
oooopps we forgot about the case of the IAS..well he was appointed the minister for defense….he was brave and he was drunk..there was only way he would act…Assault and that’s what we will need at the rate we are treating north east Indians…as we bring the territory back from China in a couple of years….oh wait ManMohan says ” Yen doesn’t grow on trees”…..he hides it under a bush somewhere….right next to his degrees…

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