Raped in a bus: The lesson to Fight from Damini – Jyoti Singh! “let your name be furious not fraility”!

So! yet again, a woman has been raped, ….in a bus, ….in Delhi, ….in a woman ruled state,…by four or five men, …and there is a protest march,…and thankfully ‘concerned humanity’ is sitting in protest post fact.   The noteworthy thing about this crime is that the young woman’s boyfriend/ friend / escort is helping identify and is instrumental in nabbing them. the other piece is that, rapists appear to belong to lower classes and  will not be able to pull strings to get away that easily.

The protest and the outrage being documented on media, live and print is actually a marked improvement to the apathy that was city briefs coverage…back in the last decade.   At least rape made it to main news and main issue. otherwise a few years ago, Sheila Dixit had blamed the victim who was raped and murdered at 3 a.m….by suggesting the girl had no business being out at 3….so we should be empowered but stay home…also we should be empowered but dress to appease…and these lousy values seem to perpetuate women and men and the society in general.and bhai unka driver always agrees…

It does not take a lot to create A Taliban,   just a few scared women and a few silly ones. and some ineffectual men, who come together to create an environment where the woman is an object of abuse, control, and crime. There is no psychopath and sociopath syndrome, it is a not a sexual disorder or a simple family value outcome, it is the knowledge that you can get away with raping and abuse. A few days ago, a man strangled a 16-year-old, in full public view, because she had filed a complaint about his abuse. A six-year-old was raped by her 20-year-old neighbor, a girl in Bombay, in her apartment was raped and killed in the middle of the night, by the guard of her building…..

the reasons are simple: while girls are aware of being cautious on the street, at home, at a friend’s place, because they can be raped …the rapists are not cautious, because they know that the state, the government, the law, the police, the community will work together to ensure that the long tedious process of  identifying the criminal,  arresting, prosecuting, and convicting will buy them 5 to 10 years, during which they can threaten and intimidate the victims, or bribe and bamboozle the process and the machinery….and if god forbid they do make it to being convicted, some Zealous and highly evolved Justice Katzu clone will initiate a compromise. 

meanwhile, the girl knows, the process of being identified as a victim will be immediate, the repercussions on her position in society will last for ever, and she will never have her life back because she will be known as the raped woman….with questions of where was she, who was she with? what was she wearing? and women will be the ones asking them at home, even as they tighten the curfews and monitoring of their children…aur kyon na karen? they are afraid…they can’t do much beyond protect and prevent….for all the progress made, they know that this progress is only in women’s mindset, in women’s ambition, and women’s guts….men and structures are retro and regressive and for them, the woman is her body- first and last!

so what is the solution….hmmm solution to nahi hai…but there are only two options: one be seen in public space and be seen as a deterrent and two don’t be ‘seen’. the don’t be seen solution is the taliban one, stay home and wear things that will make you not be seen as a person…..the other is, when someone sees you, wearing that short dress, or late at night, let them also “see” that you will kill with as much ease as he will attack you. this is an imagery of countering the porn and tv and films… that makes the world of dumb men think they are salman to your katrina ki jawani….

In the developed world, women are encouraged to just go along with the rape/ assault for  survival; there are two reasons, the police and the criminal justice system moves the heavens to find and prosecute the criminal in their societies and the woman survives and the society does not remember her identity as a rape victim.  In our world of Indian subcontinent on the other hand, that rape will stay with you and the rapist will stay next door to you…if he is from the privileged or political class, he will think this can be a rule, the police and the system will work not for you but against you, and the people around you will never let you forget that you survived.

Remember the woman who walked into the police station with a man’s head, she got tired of him assaulting her so when he tried to find her in the field, she waited and jumped him and then..well the police apparently asked her to drop the head and leave and they would get in touch….they never did!


At least now, all the women in political parties have gone public with the questioning. but when you need help and when you see women being harassed, the only out is to get in!  You need women’s clubs and secret societies that understand the skills it takes to act in a crisis, to finish.  his balls, his dick, his face, his eyes….the only thing worth knowing is that he/ they will not spare you, don’t fight to save your self, fight to destroy him…”let frailty not be your middle name”  let it be furious.

and yes if he is caught and convicted…get the signatures to hang him…save the other women….

and legally: rape needs to be an un-bailable offense, 1 month trial, expose family of the culprit to the shame and stigma, make huge civil settlements, and study ways to understand rapist psychology and change it to one of fear and deterrence


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Chun Mun are bloggers for E-Women! All the women from the Indian Subcontinent, who have anything to say are a part of the Ewomen Indian world and have this space to share their thoughts. We might not endorse or support any of their thoughts but we endorse and support their right to speak and share their opinions. Ewomen is a document on women's journey as women Reclaim their own identity and Create and Contribute to the lives of others.
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