Setting an Agenda for Delhi Damini protestors at India Gate: What should we ask for ?

So our children….these young impressionable girls and boys are being thrashed and thrown on the ground…cold water and some cold sticks…not fun! but the spirit and commitment that is new to Indian psyche post 1947, can be felt strongly in this group.  every time one sees, a young girl that could be from our neighborhood,  small and young and trying to say she has rights and she needs to be heard…your old heart also finds sympathy…but nothing like sympathy in the old old hearts and minds of the people in our governance. vo to kursi pakde baithae hain….kahan itni thand main bahar jaayenge sirjee…policiwalon ko behjiye..sirjee. dande lagaiye sirjee aur apni dal roti khaiyae sir jee…

so that is why probably the policeman thought ki, let’s show them …”hain blaming us” these saala ladka and ladki log…sounds like goras in brown skin….our very own home grown brown marshmellows! khair ji…we can not eat the dandas for you. but..we can tell you how to frame those demands jo abhi sunai nahi padi hain…you need an be spoken and associated with you, you brave ones! so that..just in case…sarkaar understands it is just one component of the Indian state, the other is population!  (that is more on the street than in  the daftar of the missing in action Shinde sir jee and the lt. saab! ) you can say, yeh rahe hamare das point – “kariye ya karvaiyae! nahi to bhaad mein jaaiye”

so the fight is for rights of women, and also men, and also families: kya hae yeh right? it is the right to dignity! and it can only exist if its violation is a cognizable offence. hain but hain na…so many sections of the law? well yes, so we need modifications not in the law but the Point no 1 ! procedure of the law. prevention and protection and execution!

For instance, fast track courts are not an option but a necessity!

police petrol cars with camera!

police stations with camera!

all hospitals need a women and violence ward that state must pay for!

all place that allow women and men to hang out must pay a tax that helps women in crisis b/c women are funding these places with their hard-earned money…!

community inclusive policing in cases of violence,

training and testing of police personnel for women sympathetic attitudes,

creating an understanding of modern women’s identity across society, government, and its agencies.

there are some incidence specific demands that need to make Delhi Damini a landmark not an also-incident. so who is responsible for making sure that petrol cars are on that Delhi route?   is it that chap, who looks oddly complacent and stand offish? the police chief? well he failed…he needs to be the subject not the instigator of an inquiry! he needs to be suspended for it.

Point Number 2 ! A woman needs to replace him and start her tenure with an apology, unconditional to all the people of delhi for maintaining insecurity and fear….she then needs to conduct raids on all vehicles being driven by a group of men, and conduct raids and stings at night and day…fill the prison with those who harass and tease, prey, and prowl the streets of Delhi…for the next 6 months…live on camera…aur India TV can inspire you…

Point No 3. The Delhi government needs to fund a study of the men who are caught and send them into counseling program, a women’s hospital that is for women who report any incidence,  and support the formation of women society called Delhi Damini that is trained to help.

Point no 4: Ask for an open debate in the Parliament and make all the men who are accused of rape from any political party sit in side and the rest on the other. and all the women on one side and let it be telecast live so India can see the face of its gender and its priorities

one of the items for discussion. no matter which jurisdiction, the filing of a complaint has to be done and it is the responsibility of the police station to transfer it to the right one….








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