The Changing Portrait of the Immoral Predator in Indian Society: Gang of four versus three!

So, the balding, official –looking, suited booted Ganguly, the debonairish, urbane, kurta and churidar clad Tejpal, and the dhoti clad, rural looking, Asaram; ranging in age from 60 to 80 are now emblematic of the predatory boss or sahabs waiting to pounce on young girls and young women. On the anniversary of Delhi Gang Rape; it is easy to reflect upon the four predators of the lower economic class, the slum dwelling gang of four to the above disparate gang of three living in mansions and penthouses. Those four were scruffy, slum-dwelling, 16 to 40 year old men.
The four rapists from 2012, were in informal employment working for sahabs and these three work for no one. These three of 2013 are at the pinnacle of their work areas; one dishing out human rights, the other exposing the powerful, and the third guiding gullible to his version of heaven through hell.
They apparently all have the capacity to harass, molest, rape, and think of women as a way for their sexual gratification through violence and force and intimidation and coercion…and it goes on.
Still more animal than man it seems to have come full circle…this Indian male psychology and behavior. And the questions from 2013 continue in some minds, we are sure…why these interns first take advantage and then pass blame? Women are very smart? Why go to his room? Out at night? …
The questions really need to be…
How do men continue across classes to have the perception that violence against a woman is acceptable and okay?
How do they remain beyond classes aware that no matter what they are likely to get away free even if they rape, assault, throw acid, abduct, stalk, and make obscene gestures and phone calls?
How come they eulogize the woman in the home but not on the street?
How do men go through so many positive experiences of a woman’s hard work, intelligence, care, smartness, and yet are able to only see a body they want to sexually exploit?
How is their school and education failing them and us?
The hideous gangs of four and three and five and ten…continue to determine whether woman is available for sexual gratification? Whether she means yes or no?
How are they not able to process words and actions of a woman? How come when she say go away, no, let go, it means nothing to them?
What are the informations that they are processing that prevents them from processing civility towards women?
Women evolved and continue to branch out of homes to every single field while men remain ready for just rape and assault? Hats off to Indira Jaisingh’s of the world! And down with women like Shoma Chaudhary….the question as always is of morality. Morality is not gender bound or class bound or age bound. We forgive children! We hold adults’ responsible. We are kinder to old people because we think of their degenerating capacity. But all of this is context bound.
Morality is a human perception of justice and fair in social and personal conduct…and credibility of ones own conduct is crucial when talking about anything moral. And yet…The convicted of corruption Lallu is proclaiming how he awaken the country after he ties his underwear…. Okay…you do that! He is making declarations in his contrived rural sensibility of his conception of what is moral…asaram the other rural public figure was saying the Delhi rape victim should have begged for mercy…probably remembering what his victims do in his ashram?
The process of human development is the same but the institutions designed to control and channel it are in breakdown. These include family, community, neighborhood, schools, …. Instead our morality is now determined by the corporates selling us ideas about the kind of lives we want and the ideologies that have no foundation except commerce and economy, and the physiology of sex is at its core. Beliefs are gone but ritual practice holds us in its grip. Relationships are breaking down but desire and need for physical only is promoted.
The social disorganization means only pre-convention morality driven by rewards and punishment…there is no room in our world for human beings to develop a sense of generalized core of moral behavior and to internalize it. There is no moral dilemma only affordability dilemma…karma is for immediate gratis not long term forget next birth and all that…
Asaram will continue dancing in temples telling women and men how he is Krishna, Ganguly will continue to talk of human rights with his next intern in Calcutta, and Tejpal will probably try to host the next intelligentsia meet on women’s psychology. This is their morality. While the remaining three will curse their bad luck for being caught by virtue of their poverty. This is their morality


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